Introducing New Investment Plans

New plans on farm right

We started Farm Right to make it possible for anyone to own a farm that produced good returns on their investment without them having to know anything about farming or doing any farm work.

We are accomplishing this with our 1-acre farms and 1-hectare farms.

But after speaking to our farm owners and potential farm owners, we understood that for some people the capital requirement of starting their own farms was too high, and they wanted a safe haven that would make their wealth grow annually.

Based on this, we are launching a new plan at less than half the capital requirement for the 1-acre plan and a 20% annual ROI. We call it the 400K farm



You invest 400K at the beginning of the planting season, and you get a guaranteed 20% ROI on your investment. Payments are made 2 weeks after harvest date.

Our return on investment for financial investments is one of the best compared to other kinds of investment in agriculture, real estate, treasury bills, et al.

Unlike our 1 acre plan and 1-hectare plan where you own the farm and all harvest from the farm forever, on these new plans you do not own any farmland as your capital is used strictly for planting and not farmland acquisition.  At the end of the 1-year planting season, you get your capital and interest on your investment.

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