Farm Land Acquisition

Farm land acquisition

At Farm Right, our vision is to rapidly grow a farm estate investment company and provide the best professional service that will help people start and grow their farms around the world.

Because farming can be hard for beginners, our mission is to ensure farming becomes and remains a lucrative investment source for everyone that gets into agriculture.

Hence, we now help old-time farmers and new farmers acquire farm land for any of their needs.

Our agricultural lands are fertile, accessible with a good road network, and free from all encumbrances. Our farm land acquisition service will save you from the stress of omo onile, soil viability, unnecessary costs, et al.

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Why choose Farm right land sales 

  • We provide free consultation for bulk buyers.
  • We help you find an available market for your farm produce.
  • We source fertile lands for you that are free from all encumbrances.
  • Close proximity to our 200 acre farm estate so you can leverage our resources.
  • Our farm lands have good road networks
  • You get to leverage our farming expertise across livestock and crop farming.
  • You own your farm land forever.
  • Flowing water.

Location: Ijebu-Igbo, Ogun State, Nigeria

Farm Land Sales Pricing

Size of LandPrice per Acre (One-off payment)Price per Acre (Paid over 3 months)
1 Acre260,000290,000
5 Acres245,000275,000
10 Acres235,000265,000
20 Acres & Above220,000250,000

The prices above excludes survey, legal fees, and agency fee.

2.5 acres make 1 hectare.

Farm Land Documentation Fee

DescriptionPrice per Acre
Legal Fees10% of cost of Land
Agency Fees10% of cost of Land
Provisional Survey150,000
Registered Survey450,000

Survey prices will be discounted for bulk buys.

Farm Land Documents

  • Subscription Letter
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Receipt
  • Provisional survey or registered Survey (Based on Client’s preference)
  • Deed of Sale

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