Farm Right Plantain Plantation Scheme

PLEASE NOTE: We no longer offer investment options. We only help you start your farm on our farm estate and give you expert advice on how to run it.

This page explains everything you need to know about Farm Right Plantain Plantation Scheme. If you have a question, email us at hello@farmright.co

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How to start Your Plantain farm

At Farm Right, our vision is to rapidly grow a farm estate investment company and provide the best professional service that will help people start and grow their farms around the world without them having to do the farm work.

Because farming can be hard for beginners, our mission is to ensure farming becomes and remains a lucrative investment source for everyone that gets into agriculture.

Our goal is to cultivate 500 acres of land in every location we start a farm estate. Our current plantation is at Ijebu-Igbo in Ogun state.

Our plantain plantation scheme helps anyone start their farm without doing the farm work. We set up your farm, farm it, manage it, sell your produce, and deposit your profit into your bank account.


TasksStart MonthEnd Month
Land PreparationMarchApril
PlantingMay June
Farm MaintenanceMayMonthly Activity
Harvesting12 Months after plantingMonthly Activity
Pay out (Net profit)18 months after plantingNovember

After purchase, we will begin work on preparing your farmland. It’s best to start planting plantain during the rainy season. Farm maintenance and harvesting are operations that will run forever. One acre of plantain trees should produce about 800 bunches of plantain every cycle.

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  • Become a partner: We’ve 2 plans that allow you to invest in owning either 1 acre or 1 hectare of your own plantain plantation based on your investment budget. You could always choose a customized plan if you want to invest in more than 1 hectare of plantain plantation. 1 acre of plantain will produce 800 bunches a year and 1 hectare will produce 2,000 bunches a year.
  • We do all the work: We’ve been farming for years across different states in Nigeria. We’ve done fish farming, poultry for egg production, poultry for chicken consumption, cassava plantation, maize plantation, distributed eggs, produced feed, et al. We could go on and on about all the things we’ve done in Agric, but you get the point. We’re very experienced 😉 From our experience, we chose a crop that has the least risk to you as an investor and provides very good returns too. We’ll also farm the crop for you, and you can schedule visits to see how your plantation is coming along.
  • Harvesting: Due to the perishable nature for agricultural produce, finding buyers for your agricultural produce in time can be hard, so we started an agro-processing company that will buy your matured plantains at a very fair price without you having to stress about who will buy your produce or worry about storage. You can also take advantage of our processing facilities if you would like to process your plantains.
  • Provide good return on investment: Our mission is to make agriculture a lucrative revenue stream for our investors. Your investment in our farm estate has a quick maturity date and will provide better returns than almost every other investment scheme out there. First, you own the land forever, and secondly you earn over 30% return on your annual investment with us. For comparison, if you bought T-bills with 1 million naira ($3,000), at 17% CBN interest rate you will get a return of 170,000 naira at maturity date. With Farm Right, you will earn a return of 319,260 naira every planting cycle with the same investment, and you can liquidate your land to get your principal back.

RETURN ON INVESTMENT (Calculated on your net profit)
823, 590.00

*Note that you can acquire and farm on larger portions of land. If 1 Hectare is not enough for you, you can buy as much as 10 hectares.

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Q: Is Farm Right safe?

A: Yes. We’ve over 15 years experience in farming and food processing. We’ve done fish farming, poultry for egg production, poultry for chicken consumption, cassava plantation, maize plantation, distributed eggs, produced feed, et al. We’ve done rigorous tests on the farmland to ascertain the viability of the soil to support this plantation and the farm is insured by NAIC (Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation).

Q: Is Farm Right a great investment?

A: Yes. For comparison, if you bought T-bills with 1 million naira ($3,000), you will get 170,000 naira extra after 1 year at 17% interest rate. With Farm Right, you will earn 319,260 naira after the first planting cycle, and every cycle with the same 1 million naira investment, and you still get to own the land you bought.  Lastly, your investment is insured by NAIC (Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation), so this is completely safe.

Update: Interest rate on T-bills are now single digits according to the new CBN policy. This means you get less returns on your T-bills and more reasons to show Farm Right is a better option.

Q: Why should I invest in owning a farm instead of financial products or real estate

A: The best thing about farming is that everyone needs to eat. The stock market can crash, real estate market can crash, but people needing to eat cannot crash. Also, when there’s inflation, the price of food will rise which means the value of your investment is protected against currency fluctuations. Lastly, the maturity date of your investment is shorter than other investment sectors and provides higher returns.

Q: Why do you invest in plantain plantation over other agricultural products

A: We’ve run a lot of farms and consulted with a lot of people. Through our years of experience, plantain is one of the best crops to farm with the least risk and high return on investment.

Q: Why should I invest with Farm Right instead of other farm estates

A: Our model is different from others. We give you the ability to own land and your farm forever which provides the best return on investment for you. Also, our focus on one crop means that we spend all our attention caring about your investment and investing in improving the yield of your farmland through research and development.

Q: How do I start my plantain plantation.

A: Email us at hello@farmright.co.

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