Start Your Own Profitable Plantain Farm in Nigeria

We have been farming for the past 15 years and we’ve spent our time and money to figure out what works and does not work in farming from poultry to crop plantations. We saw many people trying to get into farming but ultimately getting burnt because they did not know what mistakes to avoid, so we’ve decided to make the farming process as simple as possible.

We offer 3 services:

  1. Consultation: We provide guidance to help you set up your own profitable farm through our consultancy service
  2. Turn-key farm: We help you invest your money in owning a plantain plantation on our farm estate. We will provide expert advice to help you get your farm started and running.
  3. Farm Land Acquisition: We help you acquire fertile and viable farmland with good road networks for any kind of farming.

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Aerial view of our 200 Hectare Farm Estate

Review of a Farm Right Partner

Review of someone like you farming with us

I have always wanted to own land and farm at the same time. Farm Right allowed me to do both. – Fatai

Start your own farm today and get expert advice on how to make it profitable

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